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About Ostrich Feathers - Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Galveston TX - USA, wedding centerpiece

Beware - Not all ostrich feathers are the same is a leader in Ostrich Feather Rental in the USA

WE SHIP TO ALL USA STATES BY FEDEX - "DO-IT-YOURSELF" BASIS DIY - At Designer Centerpieces, we rent Ostrich Feathers "by the feather" or complete centerpieces. Our custom made ostrich feather centerpieces rentals are available on a do-it-yourself basis or hire us for a complete set up. All of our Centerpieces are designed so they can be assembled by anyone in minutes, no tools or special skills are needed. We ship by FedEx Ground directly to your resident or business

22-26 inch Male Ostrich Plume Feathers

Be careful when purchasing ostrich feathers online

Do Not Be Fooled

We receive many emails and phone calls from customers who have purchased ostrich feathers from companies and were not satisfied with the quality and length of the feathers. Most but not all of these companies operate overseas and display beautiful photos and advertise large ostrich plume feathers. Some of these companies have used our photos!

Ostrich Plume Feathers VS Ostrich Drab and Spad Feathers.

Ostrich Plume feathers come from the wings of the ostrich. The width of these feathers may be 8-12 inches wide. The stem and the fibers are much thicker than ostrich Drab feathers

Ostrich Drab Feathers

Are from the shoulder area of the ostrich. The stem and fibers are much thinner than ostrich plumes feathers. Ostrich Drabs Feathers do not have that the much wanted droop that customers desire as plume feathers

Ostrich Spad Feathers

Are tail feathers of the ostrich. They are long but much thinner than Drab feathers. Most designer do not prefer using ostrich spad feathers.

Bottom Line

Top quality ostrich plumes feathers are always very expensive if purchased. You get what you pay for.

Ostrich feathers and complete centerpieces for rent

22-26 inch Ostrich Male Plumes Feathers For Rent By

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