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Ostrich Feather Floor Tower

Mardi Gras Ostrich Feather Floor Towers - Gold Micro Dot  Spandex Vases Cover and purple, green and gold ostrich feathers

     Centerpieces & Feather Rental 

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    *  I Read there are different types and quality of Ostrich Feathers, some are low priced

       Don't be fooled in purchasing low priced ostrich plume feathers with many companies. BEWARE! Please read our    "Blog Link About Ostrich Feathers"

  • Can I rent feathers only - I have my own vases?
    Yes, You can rent only feathers, the minimum ostrich feather rental is 100 feathers

  • Do you ship your Ostrich feather centerpieces to all USA states?
    Yes, we ship to all U.S. states. You can hire us to set up or we ship as a do-it-yourself rental. See "Contact" link for a complete price quote with shipping 

  • OMG! My event is next week, can you help me?
    Mostly likely yes. We are noted for doing last minute orders. Contact us asap

  • On a Do-it-your rental, when will I receive my rental and how long do I have to ship back to you?
    We schedule your order to arrive 3-4 days prior to your event date, You have (3) business days to ship back after your event date. We use Fedex ground for shipping. Customer pays for "round trip shipping". Pre-paid Fedex return shipping labels will be enclosed with your order with instructions. Please Note: a 10% late fee (of total order) will be charged on late shipments

  • Will the Ostrich rental centerpieces be easy for me to assemble and look like the pictures?
    Yes, Complete instructions are enclosed. Our ostrich feather Centerpieces are designed so they can be assembled by anyone in minutes, no tools or special skills are needed. Note: Most of the pictures on our web are from customers from different states we ship to as a Do-It-Yourself Rental

  • Do you require a minimum cost for a rental?
    Yes, we a minimum order of $350.00 for centerpieces plus shipping cost.
    A "Feathers Only" rental order we require a minimum of 150 feathers, which equals to $187.50 plus shipping

  • Can Designer Centerpieces accommodate large events?
    Yes, we have a very large inventory. We can accommodate any size event with hundreds of centerpieces

  • How do I reserve my event date?
    See "About us" Icon link at the top of any page, see booking info section.

  • What color ostrich feathers and spandex covers do you offer?
    We have a large selection, see our spandex color rental chart under the " centerpiece links" located at the top of all pages

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